Another one bites the dust.

Russian m’am

who give a fuck i dont read russian

shit i cant even read most things i write

Это не смешно

guys i have a joke

whats dead and lifeless


i mean RA


DSi XL giveaway


  • anyone can enter
  • reblog or like as many times as you want
  • you do not have to follow me
  • winner will be chosen at random December 1st


  • some of the stickers are superglued on
  • comes with charger
  • does not come with any games, but is preloaded with brain age math and reading
  • whole system works perfectly
  • I ship for free

((wow okay i would really like this after my other one broke???????))

askspite replied to your post: Uuuurgh
((hey gurl, where’s my pic of the drone killing everyone eh??))

((frick oh yeah))


Tch girl how long have I been fuckin’ dead?

Shiiiiiiiiit, alright well here I am ta-da

(( sniffles and criES

condragulations to all the old oc’s who still participate in RA))